When we link to an object with ObjectLink() is it possible to specify the View which will be opened?

I want an email automation to deep link to a record in a particular table view.

I’m currently using ObjectLink() + “&view=modal” but the URL it creates doesn’t specify the table view in it. It simply looks like:

https://coda.io/d/<table id>#_tuz_A/r845&view=modal

I see how I could surgically alter the URL with a find replace based on the structure I observe comes out of using the ui to generate a link from a given view, but it seems brittle and I am wondering if there is a canonical way.

Hi! This resource here does a good job of explaining how to open a specific modal layout. The resource doesn’t specifically do this with ObjectLink(), unfortunately, but I’m hopeful it’s helpful resource nonetheless.


Thanks James. I don’t think that solves this problem directly, as it requires a person to click a button to trigger the OpenRow() action, right? I suppose I could put a button like this in the default layout, so that at least if someone lands on it, they are one click away from opening the row in a more helpful modal.

I was able to figure it out by just looking at the URL of the specific view and table I wanted, and created a concatenate formula

The formula: basically replacing the row ID with the row ID formula
concatenate( “https://coda.io/d/...info” , [ROW ID], “&view=modal”)

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That works for me! Just to recap for anyone else:

  1. click a row inside of the view you want, that will put the link in the URL of your browser
  2. copy that, remove the ending numbers (which are the row id) but leave the final ‘r’ so it looks like: https://coda.io/d/.../...#.../r (ellipsis censoring my data structure)
  3. use concatenate( “https://coda.io/d/.../...#.../r” , rowId(), “&view=modal”)

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