Dynamic creation of ObjectLink()

I have some pages named Day 1, Day 2, and so on.

I want to create buttons that jump to a given day but I’m having difficulty.

If I use ObjectLink() it works as expected when passing the page object like so ObjectLink([Day 1]) but when I try and generate the object OpenWindow(ObjectLink(Concatenate("Day ",Days.filter([Day Name]="Thursday").[Day Number])) I run into an error saying that ObjectLink() won’t accept text as a type.

Is there some hidden converter, say a toObject() function, or some other way around this?

Hello @Thaddeus_Robertson!
Unfortunately, to get an Object Link you need some special characters along with the page title that are generated when you create a page, so it is not possible to generate this as you tried.
But there are other ways!

You can create a table with all the Day pages, and instead of creating the pages manually, you can use a duplicate page button to create one and at the same time get the object link of the newly created page. This way, when you want to reference it you can go look for it in the Pages Table.

Another way is getting the Audit Pack and using the Doc Pages Table. This one gets every page you have in your doc with its respective object link.

I leave a doc with both options working as you explained.

Inside the doc you can find a page called The Alternative, where I explain what you can do instead of doing all these complicated workflows.

You may also find this post useful on how to create links to pages.



I made the Audit pack and didn’t even think about using it for this :joy:

Great idea though! Let me know how it works or if you have any issues with it! Happy to support.


Thanks Saul :smile:

A lookup will do the trick nicely. Perhaps there will be a function for this in the future to reduce the maintenance overhead.


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