Set Value to Page ID


I’ve created a button and I’m hoping to learn a way to set the Page ID as a “Set Value” (adding a row to a table).

Any help is much appreciated!


Hi @Scott_Hill and welcome to the community! :tada: :smile:
I’m not sure i’ve understood what you mean with “PageID”, can you try to explain me? :slight_smile:
Or, in alternative, can you provide a demo doc? :slight_smile:

Mario! Thanks for the warm welcome and your prompt response to my question!

When I select the “Page Title”, it appears there is a page ID/heading ID. I’m hoping to include the URL to the Page Title as the set value. If this isn’t possible, another option is to extract the folder ID and page ID and concatenate.

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This is the best answer I know about, does it help?



Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I actually had 2 buttons on the page already so I was able to reference the url from the other button to set the value. This way it wasn’t a circular reference.

Thanks again!

Hi @Scott_Hill, i’ve seen that @cnr have been faster, nice! :grin:
Update us if something is not clear in future :slight_smile: