Setting Values in "Add row" Button Action

For a Button, using the “Add row” Action… I have a table with a column that has a Lookup format, pulling values from another Table. When I’m editing the Button behavior and using “Set Values” to predefine some of the column values for the Row, the choices that would be available from the Lookup are not available in the “value” field for the selected column. Instead, I have to hard-code in the value by, in this case, using a Filter to get the row I want to reference.

This causes a disconnect between the Lookup I’m doing (to manage the possible values for that cell in a Table separate from the Column format itself) and the value I’m having to hard-code. If I rename the value in the Lookup table, I’ll have to remember to rename the value in the Button configuration as well.

It would be nicer if, for this kind of format, the value field in the Button configuration would allow me to choose from the Lookup values, the same as I would if I added a row directly to the Table itself.

@Thomas_Robbs2 have you tried using the @ row lookup feature? In the formula editor press @ and that will allow you to reference any row in the doc by the value in the ‘display column’.


Took me awhile to circle back to trying this but it worked great @Johg_Ananda. That’s a powerful workaround - thanks for that.