AddRow : value for a lookup


I’m trying, in an addRow, to put a value in the lookup column of my linked table. I manage to put the value but it doesn’t make the link with the record.
Do you know how to do this?

Hi @Joelle_Gaillard :blush: !

If you could share a sample/Mock-up doc that would be helpful :blush: !

I admit, I have troubles to visualise where the button is and where it should add the value :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Joelle_Gaillard ,
I second what @Pch just said: having a sample would significantly speed up the investigation.

From what I see though, it seems that your thisRow.Identifiant commandeis a text value rather than a lookup itself.
I could be wrong, but I’d start checking data type consistency first.


Thank you. Your answers were enough to put me on the track.

It works with lookup(…). Thanks !

Hi @Joelle_Gaillard,
I’m happy it does work, but I have some doubts it’s the best way to achieve it.

I understand that Commandes column in Factures table is a lookup to the table you’re running the action.

Meaning that you could simply put:

Factures.Commandes, thisRow

Again, having your working example would help…
Let me know.


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