Bug with "encodedLocationContext" URLs

Hi Coda,

It seems you recently changed the format of the “Copy link to row” function and it introduced a regression. Previously, if you entered a formula builder, typed the “@” symbol, and then pasted the URL from the “Copy link to row” function, it would turn into a record which could then be used in formulas. This was the only convenient way I’m aware of to reference a row without having to search for it’s display name (hard in docs with lots of rows or with rows that have similar names). Now this doesn’t work. Is this something you can easily fix?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Matthew, thanks for letting us know - this does appear to be a regression following some updates to support deep-linked content. The team will need some additional time to deploy a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, I would suggest using the copy link option in the row modal, which will copy the exact row link that will work in the formula builder at-ref UX (you might just need to hit Opt+Delete to delete the =modal that shows up after):


FYI a fix went in last week, so we can consider this resolved.

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