A way to turn row URL auto name into Browse link?

I am trying to get URL browse link for a row I want to create. I am able to get the URL , but when I copy the link URL into the column, it turned out to be the “Name” (first display column) of the row instead of showing URL

Then when i tried to convert to Barcode> it only generates barcode for NAME not for URL browselink.

Any suggestion?

Try to use the formula

Hyperlink(Format("<link of one of the rows with {1} replacing the rowID>", RowID(thisrow)))

for your linkcolumn and linkcolumn.ToText() for your Barcode.

@M_Schneider Hi , thanks for you answer, but i don’t quite understand what
“link of one of the rows with {1} replacing the rowID” this link is?

@Korn_Tris When opening a row, the URL should look like this, right?


To display the link to a row in one of its columns, you need to copy the link of one of those rows containing the names of doc, page and table, and replace the row ID with the ID of the current row. The resulting formula should look like this:

Hyperlink(Format("https://coda.io/d/dabcdefg/xyz123#uvw321/r{1}&view=modal", RowID(thisrow)))
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@M_Schneider Thanks for your help. however it is not working
when I turn them into the link, it will turn to a name with hyperlink.
All i want is a plain text of URL addres, is that possible?

First, you need to use the code as column formula, not as cell values.

If the link doesn’t show the URL, append the .ToText() formula to the link formula.

@M_Schneider thank for you suggestion. I did get the text out but when I want to create QR code with Barcode pack. It turn to link again.

I currently find a way out using intergromat to create barcode and upload to dropbox and send it back to messaging application. Then I save it and put it in the table manually.

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