Howto get the link/url from a text-field?


If you type an URL in a text-column then that column automaticaly gets a display-value and a link-value. Clicking on the display-value (say a company name) brings you that company website (in the link-value).


I would like to have a formula to get that link-value (in this case out of a text-column. Is that possible? I have a few hundred of these records and manually copy/paste the Links will take a lot of time.

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I am not sure if you are helped by this: right click anywhere in the hyperlink and choose remove. This in not very intuitive, but it makes the hyperlink to a normal text field.
In order to do this with a formula you need to add an extra column and use: totext(column-name-with-the-hyperlink)

Hi Joost,

Thanks. But manually copy/paste all the links will take too much time. I hope a button and a smart formula can help :wink:

This is a disgusting solution based on an undocumented and unsupported formula which means YOU COULD BREAK YOUR DOC (so make a copy). Also I hate regex passionately. But it works!

Formula: RegexExtract((_Merge(thisRow.Name)+""),'(?<="url"\ *:\ *")(?:\\"|[^"])*')

If you want to go spelunking down the data structure of other stuff in coda, that _Merge(thisRow.Name)+"" bit will show you what’s hiding under the hood. Copy/paste the result into a JSON formatter to visualize the hierarchy.

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Thanx very much. Works like a charm :smile: