How to add a text field where the text is a link via the API

Hi, I’ve figured out how to use the API to add text in a column ( but I’m trying to figure out how I can add a text field that has a link in it. It doesn’t seem to be a documented type in the API docs.

If you insert a URL it should get autodetected and linkified. If you want to override the display text, at this time you’ll need to use three columns: one containing the URL, a second containing the display text, and a third formulaic one with a formula like Hyperlink(URL, [Display Text]).

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I’m inserting a text string with a URL in it into a text column, but the url is not recognized unless i open the cell and enter a space after the link, I’ve tried adding a trailing space to the api request without success.

I’m also running into this issue leveraging the API. The Source table has a Text column with cells that have hyperlinks. When synced the Target Table gets the Text (i.e. “Link”), but no hyperlink data and isn’t clickable.


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Unfortunately, the API will currently return the text version of whatever cell you’re reading, meaning that if you have a link with custom title text, it will return the title text. If you want to access the underlying hyperlink, you’ll have to avoid setting the custom title text on it.

Longer term we may support other format types to let you get a richer representation of data in tables, but for now, you’ll have to use a workaround in your actual Coda doc.