Coda Forms: Hyperlink, descriptive text, some basic formatting

Hello there!

I am searching for solutions to add hyperlinks into the Forms, mainly to the description parts.

Also I am missing “Descriptive text” between the questions. Is it possible somehow? This is just simple static text which can orient a little bit better the people who fills in the form.

Another question of mine is connected to the layouts:

  1. Is it possible to show a taller comment box instead of just 1 line? It would indicate that we are waiting there a longer text response.

  2. Is it possible to show in the published form the tables what I embed into the Canvas column type? I manage to put the table into “Value for new rows” part and it works well at the results table, but the published form does not show it for some reason. It is always a text format there.

Thank you for the tips and tricks in advance!


There is nothing to share in this topic? :slight_smile: Some work around would be nice! :slight_smile:

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We’re also looking for something similar to this, specifically to link to our privacy policy and T&Cs for the form.

A workaround or any clarity would be much appreciated!

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Hi Tamas,

I use formulas with Format() to add any custom text / hyperlinks etc. I think that’s what you might be looking for.
I’ll put a document together to show you.

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Here you go, I hope it’s simple enough to follow.


O.m.g! I am so stupid :smiley: Of course it is sooooo obvious to use formulas for descriptive text :smiley: :man_facepalming:

Thank you so much for pointing out!


My Coda doc making journey has been full of “obvious” moments like these :slight_smile:


Okay I have tried your solution, but now the problem is that when I publish the form it does not show the referenced table. It has this error message:

As far as I understand I should use LookUp formula, but how can I shape the formula so it shows the “Value” column of the Formatted text table?

Anyone has a solution for that? :slight_smile:

Hi there! By chance, did you enable “Include all lookup columns” in your Privacy setting? The screenshot you provided above with the error shows this notice.

Yes it is enabled! That’s why I don’t get what could be the problem.

Maybe the problem is that I use this formula: Format([Formatted text].Value) ?

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