Links and references in cells


Hello Community!

I’m excited to share that we’ve completed support for hyperlinks and references in cells. No more compromises - you can now mention people, reference other items in your Coda tables and also link to other web based content.

Let me know if you have any issues! I hope you find it useful.



This is great! Can’t wait to start using this.


This is awwwwesome! Thanks!


I may be doing something wrong - or just not getting it… tried to get the link editor to pop up when putting in a url and I couldn’t. Any tips on that part of it?

this is a great feature though, thanks so much!

nevermind - I figured it out… just have to use the shortcut ctrl + k to edit the hyperlink and blam-o it worked.



Hello Community!

We just finished support for hyperlinks and references in Comments too. This brings parity for text on canvas, in-table cells and comments. Additionally auto-links URLs as you type is also now enabled.



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Hi team! Some feedback regarding this feature:

it is confusing to have two ways of making references:
(1) Using the “@” symbol
(2) Using cmd+k (for linking to sections)

I would expect the “@” symbol to also let me make references to sections but it doesn’t give me that option.

Hope this is helpful!

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Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but it doesn’t seem possible to use one of my favourite Coda features when adding hyperlinks to cells: automatic linking.

If I’m just writing on the canvas, I can select some text and Ctrl+V to paste a hyperlink “in to” that text; the formatting just happens automatically.

If I try the same thing on some highlighted text within a cell, it overwrites the text with the full link. Is there anyway to replicate the behaviour of a canvas within a cell?