Copying Hyperlink into Coda

Hi everyone! This is a small thing, but curious if anyone has found a fix.

When I try to copy and paste hyperlinks from google sheets to Coda tables they don’t copy as links and I have to manually update every single one.

Has anyone figured out how to fix this?


Hi @Hannah_Krumholz :blush: !

Someone ran into a similar issue some time ago and if I do remember correctly this happens because in GSheets hyperlinks are created with a “cell formula” (and Coda doesn’t support “cell formulas”, so the hyperlinks are not interpreted as hyperlinks but as text) :blush: .

What you could do is instead of copying/pasting the hyperlink from GSheets would be to copy and paste in your table the display text of your GSheets hyperlink and the url… then in another column, recreate the hyperlink (with Hyperlink()) :blush: .

In my sample, the Hyperlink() formula is :

Hyperlink(thisRow.[Copied URL],thisRow.[Copied Name])

It’s been a while since I’ve used GSheets so I might be wrong here :innocent: .

Not sure if this is similar, but I have the same issue with emails and urls that get pasted into text fields. Sometimes coda makes them a link, other times not:

Thanks for the reply! The issue is that I’m trying to copy over 100s of hyperlinks, so I am trying to not have to copy and paste each link individually.

I’ll try to expose the links directly in Gsheets and then do this.

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