Gmail Pack - How to remove hyperlinks to table values?

I’m utilizing the gmail pack to auto send an email notification to individuals that submitted information in a coda form. This email is just a confirmation of receipt and includes some of the elements submitted by the end user. Not all of these users will have direct access to the coda doc itself aside from the form. As a result, I’m trying to strip out any hyperlinks auto added by coda to the field references in the body of the email so individuals don’t click and request doc access.

I’m not finding a clear means to do such. Any guidance?

Here’s an example of the resulting email. I’ve attempted the build of this email with a automation via:

  1. the send email option and concatenating necessary fields directly in the automation
  2. creating an email template table and referring to the fields via the format route for the email body content with the send email step

Both routes result in the same outcome. See the example where certain values are hyperlinks that I want to just display as simple text without the hyperlink.



Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @Heather_Gomez1

I’ve got a very naive answer, that must probably indicate that I did not correctly understand the needs.

Why dont you just .ToText() function applied to the field. Especially if that comes from a Coda Form, you could totally convert the result to Text Value before sending the mail ?

or even directly in the final bodymail that you will pass into gmail pack ? (in this case be careful I think you’ll lose formatted text)

Let met know please, and do not hesitate to share screenshots of your workflow to help us understand


Thanks @Quentin_Morel for taking the time to reply. I didn’t even think of that and it worked! Thank you again!!

Perfect then ! The solution is sometimes quite “easy” but we need to have an external look on it to trigger a small idea :wink: Enjoy then and do not hesitate !

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