Email without clickable Links!

Hi all, send e-mail is a great pack. As a project manager it is really important to leave some traces. But when i send an email trough coda, the email comes with clickable links in blue (cells which have a loockup). The Person who receives the email can then click on it and sees the whole doc! Is there a way to not send clickable links?
also Formatting is not nice at all.
also…can you please make a nice pdf maker, so i can make good looking reports?

btw: i’m sending the mail via gmail to my outlook.

Right now thebest way to get rid of those links would be to makes a new column that is just used for the purpose of emailing and turns your lookup values into text. Then hide the lookup column on the email page

As far as making professional PDFs with your Coda data, the documint pack right now is your best bet!

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