Fomatted emails display hyperlinks

I have pasted an image of a formatted email that was generated using the Gmail connector. Everything works great, except that some of the data from “select lists” displays on the email as a hyperlink. In the pasted example,

  • “John Johnny”, " MUPE 201-1 PL: Concert Percussion II" are text fields. These display fine.

“William Bird” comes from a select list and displays without hyperlink, as intended.

“Advancement Requirements” is actually text that was in the base email, formatted to hyperlink

But, “201”, “Passed” and “2a…” are all from select lists and they display hyperlinks.

Here is a sample of the generated hyperlink that I do not want from “201”:

Why are these hyperlinks being included and how can I make it stop? I don’t want them.

Hi @Jeff_Held,

Great question. In your gmail pack building when you pull the data in for the fields, just at the totext() formula at the end of the strings to force the data into just text, rather than linked data. That should do it for you!


I did try that, but doing it removed all formatting. I only want to remove the hyperlinks.

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