Hyperlinked selection in drop down list

Hi everyone,

So we somehow created this, but we can’t figure out how for some reason…

We have a table and the first column is a “Select List”. The options are not converted in a table btw.
We’ve managed to make some of the options to be linked to Coda pages or to be hyperlinked, and I can’t figure it out how.


Once again: the list is not converted to a table, it was simply typed in the options with comma.
Does anyone has any idea how this can be done?

Thank you,

My guess is that you have this behavior because the column was originally “Text” and then you later converted it into “Select List”.

If you wanted something more reliable, then you should create another table for those options (I think you mentioned this)

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Thank you @Jeane_Carlos you’re right, it was text and then it was converted. But I also love your suggestion as well with the hyperlinks.

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