Select lists as table with multiple columns

Hi I’m new to coda and quite a beginner with smart tables.

I would like to setup a master “Table 1” that get some “data” from separate table “Data” in multiple columns. I know it’s possible to convert select list into a table, but I would like to set specific column from which the options would be pulled from.

I made a quick example on the screenshot below. And can’t find any option on “Lookup” popup where to set from which column form my “Data” table it should get the values as select list.

Is this even possible? Should I use some formulas, or get rid of this idea and create 3 separate single tables for each select table individual?

Hey @Jan_Zmuda, welcome to the community!

While you certainly do what you want with a formula, this is not the right way to organize data. You shouldn’t think of Coda tables as pieces of Excel sheet where cells are only as linked as you want them to be (e.g. by visually placing them near each other). In Coda, one table = one list of items of one kind (i.e. that share the same meaning — list of colors, list of countries, list of products in inventory etc), and columns are extra properties of those items (e.g. for the list of Sizes it could be separate columns for European size, UK size, US size, Japan size etc).

If you have lists that are totally unrelated (in terms of your system), they should go on separate tables.

Dear @Jan_Zmuda

Next to the valuable feedback of Paul, I recommend to have a look at the Coda YouTube channel, to get a feeling how this great tool works:

Thanks for the answer.

But let say that I have a separate table with some related data as you mentioned, how to point which exactly column to create a list? My situation in example:

So two columns, EU Size and UK Size, how to point to specific column in my master table?

You don’t select a “column”, you select an item (a row) from the table.

The value that’s displayed for you to select is of that column that you designated as Display column:

You can open the menu of any other column and select that one as a display column. It is important to understand, though, that regardless of the display column, you’re NOT selecting just that one value but you’re linking the whole row (e.g. the Small size, which corresponds to different numbers in different systems).

If you’re only interested in a plain selection list to select one value from, then no need to use Lookup, just use Select list column type.