Pasting/Importing multi-select values - easiest way

Hi Community, i’m putting this out because it’s a recurring issue I face when using Coda and it’s poweful list functionality.
I find myself using it to consolidate and report on a lot of information, but there is this one problem with lists, whenever I paste from an external source, I would like to split each instance using delimiters, if the instance doesn’t exist yet, it should create a new list value.
I would like the experience of doing this the least technical possible as many of my users are not, so creating 3 columns to do this through formula is not an option for me really.

If anyone has a good idea on how to do this, here is a shared version of my table with a simple example “Languages”, each person can speak multiple languages and I need to import regularly batches of 40+ so clearly not willing to do this by hand.

Thank you for your help on this

Hey @Guillaume_B, would you be able to elaborate more on which values are being pasted, and how you’re doing that? Currently we support split values with a comma delimiter when importing from a csv file, but I’m not sure that that is true for copy/pasting.

Hi Jasmine and thank you for your answer.

In the attached example, I have two cases:
When I paste “Langue” which is the language that each contact speaks, I would like values to “auto-add” based on the principal of tab, comma or carriage return, to be treated as separate values. Currently, it kind of ignores the fact that there is a split and offers either to add all the values as a block to the list, but it’s very finicky to get it to figure it out.
This issue is replicated over many tables where I would like to build relationships between them, but the effort to copy over data is too great.
Christian has been helping me build a formula that could split and trim, but this would mean running an automation over a column and finding a way to re-assign the values to the row which is a bit tedious but, for the moment, the most promising workaround.

Let me know if you have any other ideas to do this better, thanks!!