Separate array into select list field, then report on it's values

So I imported a Salesforce report in Google Spreadsheet and then in Coda. The report has a multi picklist field which’s values look like this

[“value 1”,“value 2”,“value 3”]

Coda removed the brackets and other stuff so I have a clean comma separated list now. I then went ahead and split the list with SPLIT in a new select list column which can have multiple values. I can see the available values from the original cell now when opening the select list picker. However, the new column itself yet has no values.

How can I ensure that the newly created column has the original values preserved? I wasn’t able to find anything in the help docs nor the community. Value for new rows = thisRow only works then the row has one value, which is for most rows not the case.

My goal is to split the array from Salesforce into multiple select list values so that I can filter on that values later (aka create a report out of it).

It’s hard to tell what your setup is. Are you able to share a doc, or create a new doc as an example with sample data to post here?

My schema for any columns that are a list of options is to create a second table, place the values there, then make the column in the main table a “Lookup”. This way, if any values need changed, like fixing a type, they will change everywhere they are used because they are a row lookup.

That said, if you’re pasting in new values regularly, they might not pick up the lookup value right away. Seeing the setup might help.