Importing Select Lists with Multiple Values

I want to drag a table into Coda. One of my columns is a Select List. Most rows in my table have a single value in this column, but several rows have multiple values. In my data, these are separated by commas. For example:

Robert Red
Herman Blue
Arlene Green
Nancy Blue, Green
Carol Red
Alice Blue
Adam Red, Blue

When I drop the table into my Coda page, it doesn’t interpret this correctly. Instead of understanding that rows 4 and 7 have multiple values selected, Coda creates options in the Select List that read “Blue, Green” and “Red, Blue”.

Does anyone know how to get this done? Is it just a matter of reformatting my raw data?

Hello @Corey_Luskin ,

Could you please share your document with factive data and explain the methodology used to make the operations, thank you.

Thank you very much,

Yes, happily. How do I share the doc? Are you referring to my Coda doc or the Excel that I’m trying to import? Thank you very much, Thierry!


I refer to your Coda document ^^, here is the procedure to share your coda document (Sharing your doc | Coda Help Center).

It will be easier to help you with an example afterwards and detailed as much as possible the methodology to use, if I understood well you use Excell to import your data in Coda!

Kind regards,

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Hi again Thierry, I actually figured it out. Thanks!

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