Text column entry won't convert email to a hyperlink if focus is lost


Reproduction steps:

  1. Select a text field for entry, make sure cursor is blinking if selecting on table view. If selecting in a detail view, then it will always enter text edit mode (cursor blinking).
  2. Paste or type the email.
  3. Click away from the field to make it lose focus.
  4. Observe that the email is not converted to a hyperlink.

Expected results: the email should be converted to a hyperlink.

This seems to happen very often with various users of the app, and it is easy to miss. To correct the problem, you can click to edit the text and then hit enter or create a new line (ctrl enter), and then the email link will be formatted as a hyperlink. But that’s cumbersome.

If this behavior is necessary for some reason, then perhaps a validated “Email” column type is required.

Hey Ed, thanks for sharing these detailed repro steps to get the repro and report the bug , so helpful.
I’ll report this into our internal tracker. Hope this can be fixed soon.
Have a good one :blush:


Would love to have this fixed soon! Driving me crazy :slight_smile: