How to include links with CSV import

I’m trying to import a CSV that has links in one of the columns. But I’m not sure how to make it import the link correctly, it just shows up as plaintext. I tried reformatting my CSV file to try both a hyperlink formula, like “=Hyperlink(”“”", ““Google”)”, and markdown, like “[Google](”, but neither worked.

Any suggestions?

Hi there @emilio.lopez and Welcome to the Community :tada: !

Ok, so Coda actually doesn’t support “Cell” formulas (contrary to Google Sheets for example where you could have a =Hyperlink() in a cell and a =Concatenate() just in the cell below).

So, I’ve done some testing in Google Sheets, where I just copy/paste links which were rendered as links.
And I didn’t have any trouble importing this in Coda as .csv :blush: … Except for the column C which effectively became a simple text.

Now, depending on how exactly your links are originally formatted, what you could do is find a way in your .csv to disassemble the hyperlink so you’ll have the Text in one column and the link in another.

Once imported in Coda, you can recreate your hyperlink using a formula looking like this :

Hyperlink(thisRow.[Column 2],thisRow.[Column 1])

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Hello @emilio.lopez ,

Copy and paste is the easiest way to do that - just copy the cells in your .csv file and past to the canvas or into an empty row in a table. In the first case you get a new table, in the 2nd you add the records to an existing table.

The alternative is to use the import csv (expolore, packs & import and then way down the import csv and a new table will be made, with proper formatting. I tried “;” and “,” delimited fields and both worked fine.

Export from this file (dummy.csv)

and imported result


Thanks @Pch! That approach of disassembling into two columns in the .csv and then using the formula in Coda worked great!

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Glad it helped and to know you’ve found a solution that worked for you :blush:!