Importing (CSV) Data into an Existing Table

Hi. Is there any quick way to import a CSV file into an EXISTING TABLE. I don’t want to create new rows, just to append the existing ones.
I’m coming from Airtable and the import block has a powerful feature that let you choose the columns to match and merge. Seaching this forum I found this topic Update existing table with csv file
I didn´t like to Zappier solution for my case and using scripts seems way too complicated for me.
@Paul_Danyliuk second solution, write a formula that would only pull the missing data from a CSV dump, should work for me but I don’t know to do it.
I need help. Please.

This has been a popular solution that might work…

It is a script, but it might be worth a try and might be a more repeatable option.

Hi, @BenLee. After many trial and error, it’s working. Thank you. Now I can import my csv file to Coda.
The thing is my ID column is also a fomula column and it can’t be overwrited. To bypass this, I created another column and copied and pasted all the data from my ID column to this new one, and used it as a temporary ID column.
Is there a way of updating only the column where the real data is? I just don’t see a reason to overwrite the ID column with the same data.

I’m glad you got it working!

It’s hard to say about the ID column without seeing the full setup, but you can use a 3 column solution. The first column would be the original one. The second column would be the one you make edits to if they are needed. Then in the third column, you can use a formula with an If() statement that says if the second column is blank, use the first column, otherwise use the second column.

I know that sounds like a longer work-around though. If I misread what you need, let me know. Also, if you can create a sample doc that you can share here, that might help everyone visualize what you’re needing to do.