Update existing table with csv file


I am new to Coda and I am looking for a possibilty to merge a csv-file into a table:

I get a csv-file every day. This file contains sales data for the past week. I import the first file and format it and group it and so on…
The next day I get a new file that contains the data of 6 days I already have in my table and one “new” day. I want to update my table with just the data that is not already included. I have a unique key in the file.
Can I do this in Coda?

Many thanks for any help concerning this.


Dear @markus.schlussmeier,

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My reply is not exactly what you are asking for, but a suggestion:

Why not just to copy / past the daily record in the table, since its only one item?

Another potential option with credits to @Paul_Danyliuk

Hey Markus, and welcome to the community.

Unless I’m missing something — if you’re automatically dumping a CSV file in Coda and only need to append the latest row to the table, what I’d suggest is:

  1. dump the CSV file not directly into the target table but some intermediary table, and
  2. either use automation to populate the target table only with new, “de-duplicated” rows, or write a formula that would only pull the missing data from that CSV dump (but the first option would probably be better, since it would create rows for you).

Feel free to share the doc with me, I can take a quick look.

p.s. please disregard the aforementioned tutorial from Jean Pierre’s post, it’s not really relevant to your issue.

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Hello @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

many thanks for your quick reply :grinning:.
Unfortunately it is not just one item per day. It is one file containing all the sales from the start until now. I get this file every day and each day has as many entries as sales, so it differs from day to day.
Maybe I could copy and paste the entries but I am pretty sure that sooner or later I will make mistakes :wink: .
I will try the solution from @Paul_Danyliuk, it sounds good.

Thanks again :grinning:

Hi Paul,

this is so great, many thanks for your reply :smiley:.
Here is a link to the doc. Should be editable

We get this as a csv every day and it always contains the data we already have plus the actual day.
Now I will have a look at automations. Coda is really an exciting tool …

Hi Paul,

I have tried this

and added some rows to Zwischentabelle but nothing happens.
So you have a hint for me?
Anyway I have to take a close look at automations… :wink:

Hi @markus.schlussmeier,

I assume the logic in below post is that what you need to move info from one table to another with buttons and accordingly automation can push the button to get updates in a sequence that suits your needs.

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

many thanks for this. I will check this but I am out of office in about 5 minutes and back not earlier than Monday.
Have a nice day :grinning:

Hi @markus.schlussmeier!

Here’s one other option that might work for you…

This should check if a row was already added and only insert the new rows.

Thanks for trying Coda!


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So sorry for my late reply! So many things to do in the office and so less time for Coda.
Another great option to check, many thanks @BenLee.