Refreshing Table from External Data File

An external tool within my ecosystem generates data files (JSON, CSV) that I’d like to leverage in my Coda doc. As the tool runs 1+ times a day, it’s constantly making new data available. This data is only static input data for my Coda doc, but a data set that my doc relies on.

I’d like to be able to setup a table in my Coda doc that is linked to the data file my tool generates. Its within my control to ensure that the format of the data file remains constant, so a straight import of the data into my Coda Table would be consistent from day to day - consistent enough that I’d want the table just refreshed when new data is available.

As this “data table” that is linked to an external file would be used in queries, references, etc. in other Tables in my Coda document, I’d want the refresh to be literally a refresh and not a “create new table every day” situation.

Is there a way that I can refresh the data in a Table, leveraging an external data file, on daily basis, and maintain references that I would have to that data table within my Coda document?

I don’t think you can connect something like that directly to coda right now… however, with the new zapier integrations if there is a way you can make that information update a google sheet spreadsheet you could like that spreadsheet to your coda doc and it would add a new row every time the google spreadsheet added a new row.

I have no experience doing this myself, but that would be a good option of getting your data updating on a consistent basis I think!

Thanks @tom. It might work, but only if the Zapier link would handle all updates to the spreadsheet (added rows, removed rows, changed rows, etc.).

However, I’m apprehensive about Zapier, or Zapier-like integration solutions, particularly when dealing with sensitive data that may exist somewhere in the account that I’m giving them access to.

It can update and add new rows, but it doesn’t show anything about removing rows.

I can definitely understand the concern over privacy. It would be great if you can do this eventually direct to coda!

Hi Thomas and Tom!

I’m a Product Manager at Coda. We are actually working on a RESTful API that will allow you to programmatically create, read, update and delete rows (CRUD operations) within tables. Would this address your needs?


Hi @preeyanka - thanks for the insight.

I’d prefer something in the direction of a “link” formula takes a reference to file on my GDrive, and an optional refresh interval. The formula would output a Table that I could operate on or reference just like any other Coda Table.


This would be super helpful - the work-around with Zapier is also not doing the job for me :chart_with_downwards_trend:

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+1 on an automatic update from a file as way way better than an API. An API will require adjusting an external app for each file that needs to be updated. An auto-updating external file refresh could instead be configured all within Coda - much much easier.

Alternatively, could you share with the community the code for a web app which we can install and which would perform a regular auto-update to various tables on a regular basis? In that case we would not each need to reinvent the wheel on the basic features but we could adapt the code to our specific use cases if needed.


Definitely need that. I wanted to create an app using coda as database. but cant because I can find any instant trigger for read, update or delete rows. There is only add row trigger available.