Coda Docs updating referenced Google Sheets


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Each of my CODA Docs has its own set of Google sheets which I need it to update. One particular exmaple is a Timeline on my website that gets its data from a Google Sheet, this Google Sheet needs to be updated from a decdicated CODA Doc. The Zapier integration is limited, so, how would I get CODA to automatically update a spreadsheet at a given URL and then update that particular ROW???




Can you elaborate more on what isn’t working with Zapier creating new rows in Google Sheets from your doc? One option is to consider connecting the timeline on your website directly to your Coda doc to remove the need for Zapier and Google Sheets.



Now you’re talking…how do I do it?



It depends on how the data flows into your website. To integrate Coda with your website, it will require a bit of development work using Coda’s API. It’s not as easy to use as Zapier, but it’s doable. As an example, I show in this thread how a table in Coda can update a list of data on a website.

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Right, if we’re going down that path, can Coda fetch records and email the separate entries? I could just create a trigger at my WP site for it to recognise and put the data where it’s suipposed to be when the email from Coda turns up…



Are you referring to Coda fetching records from another database (not Google Sheets)? Not quite sure I understand the end-to-end workflow here. Another option is to set up an Automation so that when you add a new record to a table in Coda, Coda can automatically e-mail that contact with content (from your Coda doc) using the Gmail pack.



That’s exactly the answer I was looking for…thanks Al.

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