Suggestion for Auto-Update of Coda Data via Zapier


We have discussed in a number of Topics in the past that it would be really nice to be able to automatically update data in Coda by syncing a CSV file to a given table.

Right now it is not possible to do that with Coda and Zapier because the Zapier interface for Coda only allows for creating or updating rows.

Looking through various other Zapier interfaces, however - I am not sure if this is a new feature or has been there for a while - it is possible to upload entire files. Some Zapier interfaces allow a Trigger based on an update of a file; others only allow a trigger based on a new file. But in any case, it would be possible to set up a schedule on Zapier to automatically upload a given file each day or each hour etc.

Would it be possible to update the Coda Zapier interface to support importing a given CSV file to a specific table?


Thoughts on using AppScript to do this? Set up a periodic trigger that loads a Google Sheet and then adds them to a table?


I suppose that is possible - but sort of a hack compared with how elegant so much else is in Coda.

Moreover that would only work to update from Gdrive. If this were added to the Coda Zapier app as a generic “Import CSV File” then it would work with Dropbox, Box, and lots of other web apps other than just GDrive.

You have done 90% of the work in getting the Coda Zapier interface set up; why not go the rest of the 10% and give it much improved capability?


Thinking about this more, how could this be done with AppScript? AppScript would handle functions external to Coda; the Coda API would handle functions internal to Coda, and that API works only at the level of individual records, not at the level of entire files.