Update/overvriwte an existing Coda table with a CSV file


I have an existing CODA table with a number of clolumns and filters applied. I originally created the table by importing a CSV. Every week, I like to update the table with a fresh CSV dump (it is a lead funnel so there might be changes to the existing leads in the table or new rows are added etc… the only thing that remains static are the columns and the filters).

Is there a way to do this in Coda so that I don’t have to recreate the filters every time I get a new CSV file?


Hey there!

Check out this example doc (Sync Two Tables) that syncs two tables (exactly your situation with a new dump every week)

Right now it is adding new rows, modifying existing rows with updated info, and deleting old rows that aren’t in the new csv (although the delete function is optional, doesn’t have to do that if you don’t want)

Poke around the doc and if you still need help just reach out! There is one page on the doc that syncs tables and another page that explains how it works.