Reference Table or Table view in Canvas

I’ve found myself wanting to reference a whole table, or table view, within the options out of the “@” command in the canvas. I realize this may be not that clear of a command, and more resemble a sort of anchor text ala Wikipedia, where the reference would have to move the focus to mid-section, for example, if a particular view is half-way down a page amongst multiple views in that page. Very curious to get any feedback on this. Bottom line is I would like to be able to get to a full table, or view, via the link in the canvas, and see right away my rows in the table as a summary, or board, if that’s how the view is set up, and not have the link restrict me to a particular row.

Thanks guys!

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Are you looking for something like this by any chance?

Hi, thank you, yes I realized myself later that “ctrl” + “K” will achieve that, also allows for referencing of sections just like “@.”

Thanks for the quick response!

To me this highlights that @ referencing and hyperlink UX might need to be revisited so it becomes unified. (And ideally expanded)

Hey @GJ_Roelofs thanks for chiming in here, and on my other post. Glad to get some support for this. I have faith that the Coda team will get to this stuff, but I think you and I are on the same page as the interlinking with ease really speeds the ability to fast-type in docs in Coda, and get full context. Very key in project management, team task tracking, software development, etc. A huge thing my team, for example, really uses is the concept of “follow-on” task. This is where one work item is done, but it leads to something related. Absolutely huge if that link and context between the original, and follow-on, can be maintained, as the users then can really get a feel of what they are working on, and why, without having to remember, ask somebody, etc.