Coda forms - a bit more design freedom and other options

Good afternoon,

I am using Coda forms more and more, a couple of small additional features would make it even better than it already is.

In order of importance (for me), 1 being most important:

  1. a field for adding a hyperlink to go back to where the user came from. Either as hyperlink or as a button or coded return symbol. If we can enter the hyperlink in a similar way as the submitted message, that would be great. Just hard coded return script would be a possible temp. solution (<button onclick=“goBack()”>Go Back</button><script>function goBack() { window.history.back();}</script>)

  2. the possibility to include hyperlinks in the header description and in the submitted description - or in any description. This could replace wish 1), but is meant as a separate wish.

  3. the possibility to include line returns in the descriptions to make the descriptions more readable

  4. custom color settings for the background

  5. a couple translate options, so “required”, “submit”, “Required field cannot be left blank” and “submit another entry” can be localized.

  6. I think there is a bug that, of all the fields are required fields and the last one is not, I get an error message. This field was a required field and that was changed by me, so it looks like the required keeps on ‘hanging’ as required somewhere ‘under the hood’.

Thanks in advance for your consideration,


I think I can confirm that a required field in a form stays required in the future even if you change it to not required. I solved it by replacing it altogether, but maybe if would have sufficed to take it off the form, do a save and an put it back on.

Oh - not so. The behaviour is very erratic: I submit a form (with an empty not-required field and ik goes through, then I do so again and it hangs. When hitting the submit button a 2nd time without refreshing or changing anything, the form gets submitted.

Yep came here to post about the hyperlinking stuff. Published forms are incredibly awesome, don’t get me wrong.

But yes:

  1. For me it would be very helpful to be able to add custom call-to-action buttons after the form is submitted (not just “Submit another entry”), typically to go “Back to the site”
  2. While I appreciate the ability to customize the “thank you for submitting” message, the ability to customize text on the “Submit another entry” button would be great not just for other languages, but for other form uses. The word “entry” is not always appropriate to my use cases.
  3. Need hyperlinks in descriptions to link off to Terms & Conditions or other legal stuff that form submitters must agree to