External form validation error (Coda Support form too!)

I published a form with some fields required to be filled. It works normal until today when someone want to submit the form, it can’t. The filled fields are still marked red, as it’s not yet filled.

I provide you a screenshot of error generated in console when the form is loaded and whenever I change the field’s value

Can you confirm that it’s a bug in Coda or I published my form wrong?

Notes: some other forms I published work just fine.

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Hi @Kenji_Prahyudi :blush: !

From the screenshot of your form it seems like the second field is a number field… expecting a number …

Could that be the problem here ? (i.e.: why the form doesn’t work)

Also, you didn’t check any of the payment methods in your 3rd field, which might not help to determine if it’s a bug or not as apparently the “Required fields cannot be blank” :blush:

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Hi @Pch , thanks for your response!

The 2nd field has accounting format, when I put number there, it convert the number to accounting format. And in the 1st field for example, it’s already filled but it still shows the text “Required” which doesn’t happen in my other form (the text “Required” only shows up on empty fields). FYI, I don’t add any custom validation to any of those fields.

Also, the error generated in console like the screenshot I provide, it also doesn’t show up in my other forms, which make me quite sure that it’s a bug :confused:

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I can confirm that my forms with required fields don’t work anymore.

Therefore, I am pretty sure that there is a pretty serious problem with the Coda forms processor.


I have this problem too, some of my forms are working correctly but some of them are not and give me the same error you ive


Ah :confused: !

Thanks for confirming there’s a “glitch in the matrix” somewhere @joost_mineur :blush:
I’m going to ping @steph , just in case :innocent: .

@Kenji_Prahyudi, if you haven’t done it already, I would suggest you to contact the Coda Support (through Intercom by clicking on the big bold question mark (?) at the bottom left of your screen :blush: )


Thanks @Pch for the suggestion to contact Coda Support, but guess what, bug reporting form is made with Coda Form and it reproduce the same issue :joy: gotta ping them hard I guess @steph


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Yeah, lol… no @Kenji_Prahyudi :sweat_smile:

I meant here :point_down: :blush:

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So, at this point in time they know. I will keep you posted.


Hey all!!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it looks like this may have been caused by a regression in the zeitgeist. Our engineers :person_fencing: are on the case as we speak, and promise to report updates as I have them.

Appreciate your patience on this :woman_facepalming:t5: but we’ll get it sorted soon!!


Quick update on the forms error.

We have slain the dragon :dragon: and our engineers have deployed a fix. It will be out today around noon-1pm PST, anticipating all goes to plan with our product update.

Should anything change we’ll let you know, or you’ll let us know I’m certain :wink:

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.


Wow that was fast, thanks @Mina_Okpi ! I hope everything will go smoothly then :slight_smile:

thanks @joost_mineur and @Pch for your help! btw Pch yes I clicked that button and it directs me to that form I screenshot


Hi All,

I just verified that these forms should work as expected now. Apologies for the inconvenience.




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