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We are using Coda as a bug tracker system but there is not a way to force the submitter of an entry to add required fields.

This results on empty fields on some bugs and engineers might not have enough context to fix those bugs.

Do other people have similar use cases where required fields are necessary?


I did this for several clients, and usually I built an abstraction atop the actual data table.

By that, I mean I made a dedicated single-row table with all the inputs, a validation formula that returns T/F, a validation message, and a button that copies data from the form into the data table and is only enabled when the form is valid.

Where it was less critical, I didn’t make an abstraction but simply provided a validation message + some indication (e.g. red background via conditional formatting) that some data was invalid or missing.


You could fake a “Submit Bug” button that could check a checkbox column. If you set this button as disabled if certain fields are empty, it gives the illusion that the bug isn’t submitted. A table could be filtered to “Bugs not submitted yet” or an automation could run every morning that sends a reminder to the creator of the row that some fields are empty.


Those are great hacks @Paul_Danyliuk and @BenLee. Thank you for sharing!

Even if there are workarounds, I think that there is opportunity for the Coda team to implement a feature that solves this issue at the core and makes it easier for Coda makers to create doc-apps.


I usually use @Paul_Danyliuk method - an input table/form with a button that copy the data to the ‘main’ table and is disabled if the required fields are empty or have incorrect data type (e.g - text instead of numbers).

I like to use detail view to give it a form-like feel but unfortunately conditional formating doesn’t work there Conditional formatting visible in card and detail view so I list the missing fields in the validation message.
I might share an example in a few hours, whan I’m back at my computer.

Anyway, you can add my vote for this feature :slight_smile:

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Here’s an example
This is part of a doc I’m currently working on for my research lab (I’m a student), to track order_requests-purchases-inventory (the doc is still under construction - any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: )


This is a big need of mine, too. Similar use as @Raul_San_N.H you are describing - I have a lot of need for Coda that your excellent templates in the gallery are more or less designed to fill - bug tracking, lining up user feedback and cataloging to certain missing features, and a few others.

I think a good analogy here is when you fill in webforms in your everyday use of the internet, in particular shopping carts or sign ups on apps, you will frequently not be able to complete the process if certain fields are not filled out. They turn “red” at times when you hit “submit” so the user can go back and complete them.

And one particular way to use this that would be very helpful is to force a comment to be added to a row when an action is taken. Ideally the row would be set up for the comments window to “pop up” and require a comment before completing the action. This is very useful in the case of processes being run in Coda: You might require a comment when the status is moved to “done” or “complete.” If you have a column for “status,” and you could with automation require a comment before the final status was accepted, you’d have a very powerful feature for end users to easily remember to notate what they actually did to close out a process.

I wrote about this in another thread here, too:

Really eager to see this feature, thanks guys!

Dear @ABp,

Although I didn’t have time to play around with the input from @Paul_Danyliuk,:boom: I just want to make you aware of his post

Mega trick: Different "Expand row" layouts for the same row

I have a strong feeling that “new” doors are opening :door:

@Asaf_Dafna @Raul_San_N.H

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One more vote for this one! It’s a really a much needed functionality. The input forms also work, but it’s a lot of work if you add or remove fields from the table. Would love to see this functionality!