User Confusion with Layouts as a Form

Hi All,
I’m getting some confusion from users who are using a layout for inputting a form. They don’t know how to “submit”. I was thinking of adding a button called “Submit” button, purely for helping keep things clear for a end user.

What command should I use for the button? I want it to either: go back (so the box closes), go to a specific section (which would close the box),. I can’t find an action that would work. I did try _noop() - but, that is of course, no operation.

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One workaround is to use the OpenWindow action in the “Submit” button. In the URL parameter, you can put the URL to the table or view where that row detail is coming from. Thanks to @Adam_Ginzberg for the tip!


That fits the bill! Thanks, Al!


Hey! This almost works for me, but the issue is that we get the black popup at the bottom of the screen saying what has happened e.g. “no action taken”, is there any way we can stop that from happening?

Because seeing ‘no action taken’ when you submit a form could be even more confusing for some!


Hi @Kriton_Dolias :slight_smile:
Another different approach could be to use another table to be compiled as a form, then the “Save those” button will copy the data in the right table :slight_smile:
In this way the button REALLY do something useful :slight_smile:
I know that is a little non-sense to create a input form and then having to copy the data later, when a single table would be enough, but for my users case (10+ fields inputs) i preferred to have a table that have real buttons :slight_smile:

There should be an option in buttons settings that turn off notifications for action taken :slight_smile:
(not sure it works for “no action taken” thought…)


Amazing! Thanks for pointing this out to me!! All sorted and I really appreciate it!!

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I tend to use the same approach that @Mario described, but for different reasons:

  1. To create an “event log” that could help in finding and fixing errors in some cases.
  2. As a workaround for “required fields”, see this post for example: Required fields
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