Submit and Delete Row button on Row Detail View

When using “Add New Row” buttons / actions, along with the “Open Row for Editing” option, it can be a bit confusing to users seeing the editing screen and not having some type of “Submit” or “Done” button.

It would also be nice if there was a delete button, in case the row was created on accident. Something similar to what I mocked up below, a delete and submit button located on the floating header.

They could even be optional as a part of the customized layout options.

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Hi! I would also love to see something like this!

Hi @Keith_Galloway :slight_smile:
I’ve just made a post in a similar topic, if you use a secondary table as data input you can add to those all the different buttons you need :slight_smile:

BUT i’m with you, those buttons could be a good solution in the future, let’s say that if you are in hurry this solution work :slight_smile: