Is there a way to make a button that modifies/deletes current entry in Detailed View?


I’m looking to create a button in the document (not in the table) that allows me to just delete whichever entry/row I’m looking at in the Details View. Is there a way to do that?

I know I can create buttons in the table for each row itself, but I’m looking for a way have just a single button at the top that will modify the row I’m currently on. I can’t seem to find a thisRow option in the button filter when in the Details View panel.

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks!

I know a lot of Coda features, and I know of no way for you to do that. There’s no way to see which row is now in focus.

The only way is to create a button in the table for each row and just have it in the details view layout somewhere.

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Thanks for clarifying my suspicion that it currently doesn’t have that functionality. Hope they will build something like that in the future!