Launched: Right-hand row detail

right row modal

A table or individual row can have a lot of information, so it’s often helpful to expand a row into a detail layout for easy viewing. We’re taking this a step further with right-hand row detail! Now, you can display a row as an anchored row detail view on the right side of your doc, making it faster and easier to understand and edit the content.

You can drag this row detail to resize it to fit your needs and pin it using the icon in the top right corner. This will allow you to concurrently edit the page behind the row modal and change pages while still having the pinned row visible. Note that this is a personal setting for the layout and will only be reflected for your view. Your collaborators can choose whichever position they prefer, and you can choose a different position for different layouts. Depending on the type of doc you’re in and the purpose of the table, a center or fullscreen view may be more appropriate. You can always change the position of the row detail from the icon in the upper right corner of the modal.

This new configuration option lets you multi-task while still maintaining context. You can quickly jump between tasks in your project tracker while still being able to read the detailed requirements on another page. Trying to take notes in a row during a meeting while also looking at the dashboard being presented in the doc? Now, you can do both side-by-side from your doc.

We hope you and your collaborators enjoy the added ease and flexibility of viewing your row details alongside the rest of the content in your doc. If you have use cases that you’re especially excited about for right-hand row detail, we’d love to hear about them — let us know below!


Great improvement. I was looking for this since quite some time, and the implementation is really well done.


hi @betty , thanks for the update
glad to see that we have access to the positions via the button settings.

However in the Code I cannot find the instructions to open Right, any suggestions?

Cheers, Christiaan


Lovely feature Betty. Rockin! Really nice modeless quick viewer of row data.


I’m sorry to be the grumpy old man here, but I would still prefer to have the option for a sidebar where the rows would sit nicely outside of the canvas. As it stands, I still have to open a second window/tab so that I can see the entire canvas while analysing the data in the table and entering information in the rows.

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Hi @Christiaan_Huizer ,

Thanks for pointing this out! We’ll make sure to get this updated in our formula documentation. The OpenRow formula now takes 4 options:

  • “fullscreen” (no behavior change)
  • “modal” (open in right/center/fullscreen depending on user preference)
  • “right” (open modal on right)
  • “center” (open modal in center)

We prioritized the current design to avoid reflowing the canvas when opening row modal, but would love to hear more specific feedback on your use case here!

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Very well implemented! Kudos to all of the team members who have been working on it!
I love it :heart_eyes:


Excellent work - such a valuable capability and well implemented.

One apparent bug. Sometimes the freeze column capability seems to stop working with the right hand row detail pinned. (For comparison see how Notion does it)

One thought. Could you make it more obvious / easy to just open the row detail window by putting that option in the same menu alongside where comments are in the top right of the doc?

Thanks again and well done @betty !

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Hi @betty

This upgrade is a significant enhancement!

As a user, the ability to view all visual columns is frequently necessary, given their designed purpose for visibility. Even though I advise teams and individuals to invest in the largest screens possible and to use a zoom-out setting of 80% this is often insufficient for viewing all content on a laptop.

Additionally, if row content is displayed in a sidebar, it allows for the construction of detailed views in a manner that selectively conceals certain fields on the canvas from the detailed view. This is feasible because all information is already accessible on the canvas. Such an approach paves the way for the creation of detail views that are significantly less cluttered with information and data. In terms of UX and UI, Coda has yet to match modern standards, and any advancement that aids in its improvement is thoroughly leveraged :slight_smile: