Beta opportunity: Right row detail

:wave: We are introducing an opportunity to provide feedback on an upcoming Coda feature: right row detail. With one click, you can open a row and now view it on the right-hand side of your screen. This makes it easy for you to navigate between rows while still keeping the row detail open and having the context you need in one screen. In addition, you can edit, resize, and scroll through the page behind the row detail. If you want to use the existing center orientation, simply click the position icon in the upper right corner. Watch the gif below to see it in action.

We’re excited to hear your feedback and see how this new row detail boosts your workflow efficiency!

If you’re interested in joining beta, please sign up here.

We will enable the new right row detail option for your entire workspace in the coming weeks.



Super good feature! 👍

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I like this Option, cool. Good Job coda


I’m excited about this idea. Not wild about the name, but two thumbs up to recognizing that we want to see details of child records while still seeing the context of the parent info.

I’m also hoping that this details page will let people scroll through linked child records. The regular expanded view modal shows too many records, not just the child records of the starting parent.

I’m a little concerned by how the screen capture shows only a vertical presentation of fields when the side detail is resized. I really hope that side detail will support more layouts. I like how I can have up to four fields across in a regular detail page.

I’m also curious how this will play out when looking at the side detail of a linked relation when the parent record is in a details view itself.


In the demonstration, you show both the modal and side pane views. Will defaults be configurable per doc, a sticky user preference, or defaulted to the “wide side panel” view for all row details once enabled?


I would appreciate the option to attach and detach the window from the main window/canvas. Much like the Settings panel. This would allow seeing all the content on the canvas, not only the left side of it.


This is something we are hoping to learn in Beta! Right now it will default to right & will be a sticky user preference. However, would be curious if there is a different behavior you would prefer.


Thanks for the feedback! Excited for you to try it out in the coming weeks & see what’s working well and what can be improved :slight_smile:

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for dialog modals today, we can specify viewmode:“fullscreen” in the openrow() call.

please ensure there is a parameter for causing the dialog to open on the right.


(as a general rule, adding features to the UX and NOT enabling them from your scripting language is a huge wasted opportunity, imho.)


Thanks for the feedback! There is a parameter for right in the openrow() formula with this new feature:)


Thanks for all your interest in testing out this feature. We’ve been able to expand capacity a bit, so please sign up to participate if you’re interested. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Just tried to sign up and the form states “This form is not currently accepting submissions.”


How will we know if/when this beta is enabled for ourselves?

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finallyyyyyyyyyy! life changing, i built a custom side peak with buttons and views, it took 10 secs to load, yet can’t live without, ok now we’re talking!

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I will send an email when we’ve enabled it for our beta users! Look out for it in the next week or so :slight_smile:

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Great design decision, can’t wait to try it out. :heart_eyes:

Hi Teresa,

Did you already start the Beta test? I signed up after you first posted, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

Same here, I guess next week

Yes, you can expect an email from us next week confirming that your account has been given access. Thank you for signing up and for your patience as we get this enabled for all the sign-ups!


The beta has been enabled for my account. Looks and works great. Huge improvement!