How do I reference the selected row in a detail view?

I have a detail view and in the tables in that view I would like to apply some logic based on the selected row in the detailed view, is that possible somehow?


I have the same question. did you resolve this? In Table B, I want to reference the Row ID from the highlighted row in Table A

+1 for this question. I would like to apply filters, select controls etc. using what’s selected in detail view. Please!

:wave: Hey there @Robert_Hart !

Welcome to the Coda Community. Can you explain more what you are trying to do?

If you have a Canvas column you can input filters, select controls, and more right into the detail view of a row.

Even without a Canvas column there are still ways to use buttons that act as filter on aspects of your row within a detail view as well seen in this GIF
Screen Cast 2022-06-09 at 5.07.48 AM

Let me know more about your context and what you are looking to do and I can give some input!