How to retrieve active record from (view of) table

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find a way to show a field (of example the full name or row ID # on the canvas - based on the an active record in a (view of) a table. I have tried lookup, but I can’t find a way to make it find the active record in a (view of) a table. Is there a way to know which record (row) is active (selected) in, for example, a Detail View of a table.
I find the Detail view really easy to find specific rows/records, but I would like to perform some other actions based on the row(s) found. Actually I would like to limit these actions to only one selected row, which would be the visible record in the Detail View.
Can it be done and if yes, how?
Thanks in advance for any help on this subject,

hey @joost_mineur its not clear to me what you are trying to do. However if you want some actions to take place when you open the detail view, what I would do is create a button that would run the activate() formula which pops the detail view. I would chain that in a RunActions() formula such that:


Next action could be pushing another button, AddRow(), ModifyRow(), etc.

Hello @Johg_Ananda,

It is the opposite that I am trying to do. Please see here a screenprint of the top section of my detail view, after I have entered a partial name and hit enter.

The result is that the card with my name is visible - which I call the active record/row. Now I want to use the result of this find (“Joost Mineur”) in a set of formula’s to retrieve data from different tabels. I have gotten this to work when I put a formula on the canvas like =“Joost Mineur” , but I would like to pick up this one name from the detail view, which will have the name selected from which person I want to see the data.

OK, I think you can accomplish with an automation that is row based to trigger when a new row is added.

Well, I don’t think so. For one thing, I am not adding a row, just selecting one to look at (in the detail view). And I don’t want to do something to a (another) table, but change the content of a named canvas item.

I guess it comes down to something that has been discussed in this forum (by others and by me) that Coda at this point in time is focused on table actions and not on canvas items.

I have a work around for my project: I can select a name in a select field, filter the names in the detail view of the table to only show the selected name and do the other actions I want to do based on the item in the select field.

Nevertheless, that is a lot of extra work (for me) for an action that seems logical to me, so I hope the Coda developers take note of these things and perhaps we’ll see some more possibilities in the future.

Yeah there isn’t a way I know to alter the canvas objects. I’ve found plenty of ways to work around it.

You could also have the the button perform an action that modifies a row in a table which then triggers an automation.