Display a table in a details view with condition

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if there’s a way to display a specific table depending on a condition. Here’s a small example of what I’m trying to build:

If the item selected is T-Shirt, then it would should the T-Shirts table. This is useful since products don’t always have the same measures and it wouldn’t be convenient to have 22 different views of the same table (22 product categories)

The formula below works, but the table always disappears when a new item is selected and I have to edit the layout to turn in into a table every time :confused:

Any help on this is truly appreciated, thanks a lot :pray:

something like this? :wink:

Is there’s a way to keep the table in the detailed view?
It’s because of the detailed view it wasn’t working and we wanted it in the detailed view.

Thank you