Values from active record or field

Hi, maybe I just use the wrong terms but we can’t figure this out.
Let’s say we have a detail page for a project (or a row does not really matter)
We finish entering the data and now we want to create a page for the project which contains the project details plus a task list for the project which is a filtered version of the all task list.

the creation we achieved by duplicate page function.
but now how do we get the date from the active row to generate the filters for the new page?

Let us say there should be a permanent filter on the page that gets the values from the active row of the previous page - how do we access that? basically, it’s like the active user function but for all field values of the active row or details page?

the example in data would be

we add the new project:
then we generate a page with the name of the project
testmango (we made that with the .last()) entry
nice would be a button to generate and move to the new page or if it already exists just move there.
a go to project task button

now we like to generate a permanent filter on the new page for all data that so it only show the data for the testmango project.

possible? if yes - how?

Hey there!

I’ll try to give a shot at answering your question, but without an example doc or screenshots it is difficult to truly know how exactly to help you/know what you are trying to do. If you can shoot over an example doc we (the community) can help much quicker!

The main question I saw you state was: How do I generate a permanent filter to only show data from testmango project?

I’m assuming all your data is in tables, so you will likely need to use some sort of filter() formula in the canvas.

For example, you could write on a separate page:

And then name that canvas based formula testmango.

Then you can reference that row anywhere on your new page using the dot operator. You could put into the canvas:

That would then, on that page, show you all/any info from testmango you want.

Again - not sure if this totally answers your question, but could help out more if you provide more context!

we like to read out the data of the active row to automatic generate the filter on the new page.

new project row has the name ‘testmango’ in the field projectname
now create a page for that project where we can add the tasks and would need to generate the filter in the table with the value of the active row column projectname value would be “testmango” (automatic not hand written)

there is no example page as we don’t know has to do it :slight_smile:

Hi Rodrigo,

Welcome to Coda!

The below example should get you about 90% of the way there:
Create a new row in a table,
Use a button to create a page for that row, and opens the page.
In the table a link to the new page is added in the Results column
The page contains a view of the table, with a Select Control to filter the view.

What I have not yet figured out is how to automatically populate the Select Control in the new page with the correct filter values - I think that it is possible to use a formula(s) to populate the control, but I have not yet had the time to investigate how to do that.


Hi yes that works in the right direction.

this is also a interesting approach we found by researching:
Coda - Notion like pages

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