Getting name of the current page through a formula

How do I get the name of the current page I am in through a formula?

hi @Tarun_Ramani , welcome to the community

as far as I know there is not a function that gives you back directly the name of this page, a page name is always selected manually in a button (via duplicate page) or on the canvas, first the equal symbol and then the @

what is your use case? Maybe there is a work around, Cheers, Christiaan

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I have set an automation to create a new page which is triggered when a new row is added to a particular table.
The name of the page is a value taken from one of the columns of the new row(eg.: Project Name).
Now in the newly created page, the table is filtered as per the name of the page(eg.: Project Name).

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Hi Tarun,

You mention that when you create a new page, there is a table on that page. How does that page “get there”? Have you considered using a canvas column rather than a page?

In the below doc, I illustrate both approaches.

New meetings automatically have a canvas cell populated with a meeting template when a new row is added. In a canvas cell you can use ParentRow to refer to the row of the canvas cell.
New projects has a new page created based on the type of project using a button. When the new page is created, it is named for the project.

Hopefully between the two examples you wil find something that works, or that triggers an idea.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions, this is a very active forum, with many different ideas on how to get things done.

Rambling Pete

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Thanks for the ideas. I am still unable to achieve what I am trying to do.
Here is what I want:
I have two tables:

  1. “Portfolios” with columns- Portfolio Name, Description
  2. “Tasks” with columns- Task Name, Start Date, End Date, Portfolio(Select List from Portfolios table)
    Each Task created is associated with the Portfolio.

Now when I add a new Portfolio(i.e. add a new row to Portfolios table), I have triggered an automation to create a Page with its name as the Portfolio Name(newly created) and it automatically populates the Page with a view of the Tasks table.

I want this Page to filter the Tasks table with the Portfolios which is the name of that page. I have achieved everything but this.

Have I now been able to explain?

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I am not sure :wink:

You seem to have figured out already what I show you below: set the name of a page

This name you can use in any filter, but table views using a filter are - as far as I know - a manuel process. @Piet_Strydom , what is your take?


Hi Christiaan, Tarun,

I have also not been able to set up an automatic table-filter in the new page, which is why in the case where I need to be able to filter the new table, I make use of the Canvas columns with ParentRow().


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Thank you all for the answers. I think for now I will have to live with Canvas or Grouping and it works well for me. But let’s hope we get a better solution/updates in coda in the future.

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Hi Tarun,

You can add the details of your suggestion to the Suggestions area, where it can be considered.


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