Column showing page or table where a new row was created

I have a table called “Tasks.” New tasks can be created in the following contexts:

  • part of a project (a Projects table)
  • during a meeting (a Meeting page)

What I would like is one column called “Created via” that would be a link to the corresponding page or table.

Any ideas?

I have an idea to do this but I need a formula that returns the current page.

Is there such a formula?

I don’t believe that’s possible. Perhaps you could hard-code the “Created via” value? So have one button for each context with a different “Created via” value supplied in the AddRow action?

Good idea, but that means hard coding every time a new meeting page is created… Ugh…

Oh yeah that sucks. What if you make the meeting the pages into rows instead? Then you could use thisRow for the “Created via” value! :slight_smile:

Thought about that - I have different formats for different meetings. I guess I could have different canvas columns for different meeting types and show the appropriate column and hide the rest.

Ah alright! So how do you create each meeting now? Do you copy a template page?

I came up with another idea that might work

  • Create a blank named formula in the page - Name it “Foo”
  • In your AddRow formula you can use Foo.ObjectLink() as reference
  • Optionally format that value to extract page name or whatever
  • If the empty formula is copied along with everything else for a new meeting the reference should remain intact to the new one
  • If you leave the result of Foo.ObjectLink() as it is then you’d get a link to the source, might be neat!
  • Perhaps you have some other object you can call ObjectLink on instead of creating Foo

Awesome! Genius! It even works if I duplicate the page!

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Actually, it doesn’t work…

When I duplicate a page, the control “Foo” changes it’s name to “Foo 2” so the “AddRow” action references the page from the original “Foo”.

So I ended up using a meeting table with different Canvas column for different meeting types, and creating a new meeting uses the correct Canvas.

I think if the button with the AddRow is copied along with “Foo” it should refer properly. Having every meeting be a row like you did does sound like a better idea

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