Table or page title in formula

Within a row formula, is there any way to access the name or title of either the current table or page? Using the thisTable object only provides an expression of the rows, and it does not appear to expose any of its other attributes. Are there any other mechanism by which a row formula can derive the name of the table (or page) to which it belongs? Something akin to the following:


Including the name of the table would be helpful in providing sufficient context when composing and sharing automated status updates outside of Coda, either as email or Slack notifications. This curious omission is somewhat frustratingly compounded by the edit dialog for formulas including a link to the page in the description of thisTable:

Hi @Chase_Richards
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Unfortunately there are not metadata information available at a programmatic level (table name and/or column name/type, for instance).
I agree with you it would be useful for some use cases and hopefully something alike will come out.
While not ideal, you can however decouple the table name in a (canvas) variable as a workaround.

It’s not totally clear to me why the edit formula area is annoying: when you have many tables, a hint is often welcome.
Am I missing something?