How to dynamically reference a specific table cell on another page?

Hi, question:

  • I have a table of projects, with a column for “Spec” (Link, another coda page), and a column for “Jira Links” (Text, just copypasted URLs)
  • I want each Spec page (one per project row) to have a reference table that’s really just 1 cell - the matching Jira Link cell for that project (so that if you edit it on that page, it edits the main table, and vice-versa)
  • BUT, there’s no way to know which row this page corresponds to!

How can I do this?

Things I’ve tried:

  • Comparing the Spec URL column with the URL of the current page (but there’s no way to get that)
  • Comparing the Name (another column in the main table, just text) with the current page title (but there’s no way to get that either)
  • Trying to make these Spec pages be generated and then transfer the data of which row created it somewhere into the page (there’s no way to get any dynamic data into the page)


Hi Dan,

In the gallery there is a doc: Step-by-step Guide to Canvas Cells with Auto-Filtering.

It provides some ideas which I think would help you. (If you are ok with the “page” being a canvas column.)

The idea is that you have a template that gets copied into the canvas cell of every new row. On the template you have the table with the info that you want to show. And you filter the the table as follows:

This will filter the table to the specific row. Because it is a view of the same table, any edits will reflect anywhere.

In any case, Nina does a much better job of explaining in the doc.

If it has to be a page page, then you can replace the canvas column with a button to “Duplicate Page” the template, which will then create a new page with the table. Unfortunately you then have to add the filter manually.


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