Formula for links in cells to pages with same title as display column

I have a table. 100’s of rows. Each row in the table is also a page in my doc. The text in the table’s display column is the same as the title of the corresponding page. I do not want to have to go in and manually insert hyperlinks every time I add a new page. Is there a formula for this?

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Great question. I don’t think there is an overt way to do it, but you might be able to piece together the URL by using the identifiers Coda uses internally to scaffold the doc structure. @Paul_Danyliuk might have some insights on this?

No, no insights, and honestly I don’t see how that could be a normal use of Coda.

Those 100s of sections pages are some sort of a wiki, and the table with 100 rows is an index? Tough luck, you’ll have to insert if not links then at least page identifiers yourself.

There technically could be a system grid listing all pages, but if you ever reference a system grid in your formula, the doc gets disabled by Coda staff very soon.

P.S. I have an idea how one can manually grab a list of all sections in the doc, but I’ll have to test it tomorrow

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Thanks for getting back @Johg_Ananda and @Paul_Danyliuk.

My use case involves trying to never need the left sidebar. With this many pages, navigating via the page list is tedious. I’m looking for contextual shortcuts to relevant pages. I’m currently heavily relying on Subpages to do this, and it works, but another layer of nav would make it even better.

Let me know what comes of that test.

I have a somewhat similar use case - I’ve got a Features table and each row has it’s own corresponding page which further describes the feature.
My display column is a page reference (@pageName) for the feature’s page, this way I don’t need to generate any additional URL.
That does present some issues though, as the actual text behind the page reference is some sort of id (e.g. pageName_sjd122d) which is annoying when you use that column for filtering or other value based formulas.
Hope that helps somehow if this is even still relevant.

I have a need for this as described here Generate a link to a page from within a table

This would be a normal use in that it is a summation or contents page to voluminous number of pages that are overwhelming for the user to have visible. Yes you can just generate a parent page with al the sub pages, but in the same way that a select list only contains one piece of information while a lookup can present multiple pieces of data, the page sub page list only gives the minimum amount of information whereas a row with a link can have supplementary information associated.

An extension to that would be the ability to generate the line in the source table and automate that page’s creation and insert the link to the column, but that seem like having the moon on a stick.

Yet another example of how flawed the object model of Coda is…

You want to do something sensible but sensible things just aren’t allowed.

I guess what you and @Sean_Sloan need is canvas columns (aka pages right in table rows).

This way you can have a “page in a cell” which won’t show up on the left but will have all the functionality of the page.

It’s almost there except for limitations on functionality:

  • can’t be printed
  • can’t be exported
  • don’t paste as properly formed Markdown

I don’t care if the title or display column value of the row matches the document title.

Don’t know if we will ever get these fixes as Coda has an allergy or shamed embarrassment when there is a deficit relative to Notion (despite many other advantages). That’s not how to win and also satisfy customers. The needed fixes are benefits for someone who has never used Notion and, of course, don’t impede anyone’s usage of Coda who doesn’t care about this use case.

It’s just the less glamorous side of software development to fix issues and knock off rough edges of a new feature. All in a day’s work.

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