Pass Coda Page to the formula inside table as HTML not a link

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I’m working on a formula that gets the Coda page and exports HTML content as a string. It works fine as a separate formula outside of tables because I can reference and input parameters into the formula by tagging a specific page.

But when I’m trying to scale this approach and have it as a table, I want to provide referencing page as a column. The problem is that when I pass the tagged Coda page in a column into the formula, it creates an HTML view of the link, not the actual coda page.

Can I reference a Coda page, not a link, but as an actual Coda Page object?

Here is the preview

Here is the file to experiment, thank you!

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Hi @Farid_Sabitov - No, unfortunately I don’t think that’s possible. There isn’t a column type for Pages, and when you use an @reference in a column you really are just creating a link in a free-form text column. For a small number of options you could use a SwitchIf() formula and a select list. Add a select list option for each page, and then if the selected page is “Foo” then use the value of @Foo, etc.

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Hi Eric, thank you for your response!

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