Reference a page in a table

Hi, newbie here. I’m a small business (glassblowing studio) where customers take classes. We are trying to set up a wiki-like space where customers can view class guides, access work/tip sheets, share photos of their projects, etc. I’m learning as I go and solving most challenges but having one particular one where I need help.

Each type of class has a course (page) with weekly worksheets (subpages) for each week. These curriculums are used for multiple classes (spring, summer, etc), for which these class attendees can share their work. I would like in the individual class calendar to have a link to the course’s page/subpage relevant to the day/course. But I can’t seem to figure out how to reference a page as a column type in my class table. ‘page’ isn’t an option for column data type that I can see. Is there a workaround to point someone to a page/subpage within a table?

Hi Al,

Welcome to Coda! I wish you a happy journey.

Yes there is a way. Create a text column. In the relevant row of the column, type @. Coda will give you a list of items that you can reference. Pages are in there, but any other object can also be selected.


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