Grab the Value of the Current Record in a Detail View

I find the detail view layouts somewhat limiting and I am trying to create a very efficient display for a record with a lot of subtables. I want to be able to look at a list of tasks and then pop open a detail view. The detail view with contain some data in a detail view. But, I want to be able to pull some kind of identifier of the currently selected task our of the detail view and use it as a filter criteria for separate data on the page (images from the row, subtables, etc.).

I cannot seem to find a way to grab the value of the currently selected detail record so I can use it for filtering the other data on the page.

Ideas? Thx!

Hey @Joey_Yaffe! I wonder if grabbing the row ID here would do the trick for you? Here is a formula for that: Coda | Formulas

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