Cancel button in "Ad row form"

Hi, I’d like to create a cancel button in “Ad row form” in order to cancel the new row that was created.
Please, could you please help me?

I faced the same problem. So you can create a button. Title it “Cancel Submission” and attach the action of Deleterows(thisrow) to it. Let me know if you need further help

Hi Apurv, thanks for your prompt response. I’ve created this button as you recomended. It worked Very well. TKS.
Please, how to created a button (like OK button or SAVE button) which one only close the row form and does not delete the row. Thanks.

This one I don’t have a direct solution for. I have a “create table” which has a submit button that copies a particular submission to a main table. That and deleterows(thisrow).
So you do:
Runactions (
Addrow( main table, column 1, value1, …),

Thank you so much Apurv_Mittal.

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